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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Studio Shot of Teresa, With Scarf

I've been wanting to do some studio shots of my wife, so prospective models can take a look. And to see if she likes the way she looks in camera, and she is happy with this [completely un-retouched] image, as am I. She looks beautiful. That's a vintage Luca Luca wool suit, and a vintage Pucci silk scarf. IMO, Pucci makes some incredible designs. Sure, Hermes rocks, but Pucci doesn't have to apologize for their designs or quality in comparison.

Also wanted to try out the LastoLite Triflector Mk2. Single softbox overhead.

Why this blog? 

Canon 5D mkiii, 85mm 1.2@f/13, Canon 600EX-RT in a Lastolite Ezy-box softbox, remotely triggered by a Canon ST-E3-RT, Lastolite TriFlector.


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